Feb 17, 2022

Community Solar Industry Commits to Develop 20 GW of Capacity by 2025 in Alignment with U.S. Department of Energy Goals

Coalition for Community Solar Access aligns growth plans with DOE’s National Community Solar Partnership, proposes key actions to reach shared milestone

Solar panel fields

January 25th, 2022

Washington, D.C. — The community solar industry today committed to developing 20 GW of capacity by 2025. Making the announcement at the DOE’s National Community Solar Partnership Summit, the commitment aligns with DOE’s goal to enable enough community solar to power 5 million American homes by 2025, saving consumers $1 billion. In addition to the commitment, CCSA outlined seven key actions that will be critical to reaching the goals set forth by its members and DOE between now and 2025.

“Today, over 80 community solar providers from across the country announced a commitment to build more than 20 gigawatts of community solar by 2025. The industry is ready to help DOE meet its ambitious community solar goals,” said Jeff Cramer, President and CEO of Coalition for Community Solar Access. “With the combination of DOE’s NCSP initiatives and the adoption of other critical actions by state and federal policymakers, the industry can meet this goal and satisfy pent up demand, save American consumers and businesses money, create local jobs, enhance grid resilience and protect the environment and community health.”

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